Welcome to the Division of Finance, Administration and Technology

Zofia YalovskyWelcome to the Division of Finance, Administration, and Technology
The Division of Finance, Administration, and Technology provides Finance, Human Resources, Insurance, Risk Management, and Technology services to every facet of the University and its support community. On a daily basis, our team provides an array of services that touch everyone connected to AJU. We strive to provide the highest quality and supportive service possible. In the materials that follow, we will share with you more detailed information on the many service points, employment at the University, and how you can contact us for more information and assistance.

Whether you are a student at AJU, a friend and supporter, a member of our staff or faculty, or a member of the community, the staff in our division is here to make your relationship with the University as positive as possible. Among our core service units are:

Campus Technology:
In the past few years, AJU has made rapid gains in its use of technology. This has included merging Brandeis-Bardin Institute network and applications, improving security to our networks, upgrading our main student management system, deploying new web management tools, and developing our social networking appearance. We manage our e-mail systems, host internally our extensive website, and continue to enhance our infrastructure including wireless abilities.

Accounting and Financial Management:
This work group handles all financial functions and transactions. Besides the day-to-day accounting transactions for the University, this group is also responsible for cash management, investment management, compliance with federal and state regulations, managing payroll services, and independent Audit.

Student Financial Aid Office:
• Financial Aid Office provides financial aid assistance to eligible students.  We accomplish this through coordination of government, community, and University resources within the framework of federal, state, and AJU regulations and policies.  Our office projects student needs and justifies funding requests.  Additionally, we interpret and administer each student’s financial need, eligibility for specific programs, and the amount of aid to be awarded.  Our goal is to make financing your education as easy as possible.
• Student Billing Office deals with all financial matters regarding students. In this office we also assist students with payment plans to meet their financial obligations to the University.

Human Resource Management:
With a total work force approaching over two hundred full and part-time employees, the University has its own employee classification system, maintains a competitive salary and benefits program, personnel policies, and employee support program. AJU is proud of its dedicated staff – many of whom have been with us for a decade or more. AJU strives to provide part-time work on the Familian campus for our students and also operates a work study program.

Campus and Strategic Planning:
Our staff plays an integral role in developing the master plan for both campuses and in the strategic planning of how we can maximize the resources that we have for the benefit of the community.

On behalf of myself and our entire team, we welcome you to our portion of AJU’s web site. Please make full use of the materials in this section and, as needed, utilize the “contact us” capability.

Zofia Yalovsky

Org Chart Business and Administration Affairs