Technology at the AJU



At AJU, providing the latest information technology for students, faculty and staff is at the top of our priority list. AJU’s Campus Technology Department (CTD) strives to integrate the latest information technology to enhance the learning process of our students and the productivity of our staff.

This website is an example of a project of the CTD’s. Other ongoing projects include improving the University’s infrastructure and implementing distance learning programs.


As our campus expands both structurally and in programming and activities, we are laying the foundation for a new fiber optic cable around the campus to meet the growing demand of the University for reliable and fast bandwidth. This will result in easier and faster access to campus Intranet as well as the Internet. We have also build a new server room with special power and cooling systems and enhanced security.

Back office

AJU is also using advanced systems to manage campus resources and to oversee the many programs and services offered at our university, including the development and enrollment of thousands of students who enroll in our Whizin Center for Continuing Education courses. We are using systems such as CAMS by Tree River in our admissions and student affairs office and MIP in our accounting department. AJU has joined a program that allows all users to upgrade their systems to the latest operating systems and office tools.  

Online learning

Based on goal specified for 2000-2001 we have researched different platforms. For five of the platforms a more profound research was done. Two of the goals were to introduce e-learning to faculty and students. Toward these goals we developed a workshop for faculty and a few classes used a trial platform during fall and spring semesters.

Zofia Yalovsky